The Prepared Parent Subscription

Because parenting doesn't end with childbirth.

It's true that nothing can truly prepare you for the feelings you will have when you meet your baby and bring them home for the first time. What we can do is prepare you for the uncharted territory ahead by giving you the most up to date information and resources. Our classes allow families to work through the information at their own pace and use the information to make the best decisions for their family.

This subscription gives families access to 8 of our perinatal education classes for one full year— allowing you to revisit when needed and to work through all of the information at your own pace with all of the folks in your child’s life. 

Includes 8 full length on-demand classes (please visit each individual class page for more details):
Access all classes now for just $45 a month

Prepared Parent Subscription

Think of it like Netflix- but for parenting.