Baby's First Year

Welcome to parenthood! 

We've enlisted 6 members of our team to make this one of a kind class that will not only help you in the newborn days but it will guide you through all the twists and turns of baby's first year. From temperament and emotions to feeding and sleep, this class touches all the bases!
After this class, you’ll be able to: 
  • Perform basic infant and baby care including diapering, bathing, skin and nail care

  • Understand baby's brain growth and development
  • Understand changes baby will experience in year one
  • Identify first year milestones and growth expectations
  • Help your family get the daily flow and rhythm that is appropriate for you and your baby
  • Connect and play in developmentally appropriate ways with baby 
  • Seek help from trusted sources when needed

Class Overview

Parents love us

I learned SO much more today - and I’ve done a lot of reading before this class… I feel I have a clearer picture, a wealth of resources, and just so much knowledge to mull over until this baby comes…”
Infant Feeding Class Learner
...even though I'm not a new mom (currently pregnant with our 2nd child), I still learned lot of useful information that I didn't know before! Being a person that often googles information, there was also comfort in knowing that the info I got from the classes came from professionals that specialize in the topics covered. I love the vision and inspiration behind this organization, and that the classes are created by the experts...
Childbirth Class Learner
Kathryn and her whole team are so incredible! Excellent communication, such good resources and high quality content. My family has truly benefited from this program. Thank you!
Toy Class Learner
The videos in this class are the thoughts and opinions of a Nurtured Nest Educator. The information in this class is not medical or healthcare advice and is not intended to diagnose medical or psychological problems. If you are experiencing any medical, psychological or other issue, please contact your appropriate healthcare provider. All materials not owned by the Nurtured Nest NC, LLC, are cited and linked in the Resources section of our website. It is on good faith in our valued clients that we trust you will not copy or disperse this information beyond the original user.