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The Family Dog Class

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Dogs are a beloved member of many families; for many couples, in fact, a puppy serves as a sort of “training ground” for parenthood! But adding a baby to the mix can change the landscape significantly--in both fun and challenging ways. 

Before mixing babies, toddlers, or preschoolers and dogs, allow our experts, Sue McKinney and Sheri Phillips-Majmundar, to give you the insight you need to create the best life for the whole family.

In this class, you’ll learn: 
 Dog training approaches
Strategies for training a dog while parenting
 Ideas for helping your existing dog adjust to a new baby and young children
 Critical information about child behavior around dogs
 Common challenges with dogs and children
Plus bonus content: 
  A guide to picking the best dog products 
  A guide to properly socializing your puppy
  Real videos from real families with young children and their family dogs
  A creative feeding guide for dogs

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Why on-demand? Because adult's brains are similar to a muscle, they need alternating periods of rest and recovery to synthesize new ideas and concepts. When learners receive information in short chunks, rest, reflect, then return is how adults learn best.
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Meet Our Expert Educators

Sue McKinney, MSW, CPDT-KA, CNWI, owns the Whole Dog Institute in Durham, NC. She has been the owner and primary trainer since 2008. Sue’s unique background as a Master in Social Work informs her dog training work: She focuses on teaching the human side of the partnership how to better understand their dogs and so to communicate and train more effectively. Through lively, fun exercises and lectures, Sue helps handlers figure out the reasons behind their dogs' behavior. Her goal is to lead to a greater appreciation of the dogs we own.Sue has worked with hundreds of families to integrate their new canine family members into the household. Sue focuses on child safety first and foremost when she is working with expectant parents or clients with newborns, toddlers, and older children.

Sheri Phillips-Majmundar is originally from Syracuse, New York and graduated from St. Francis College in Brooklyn. After graduating from St. Francis College, Sheri and her husband moved to the Triangle in 1996nwith plans for her to attend veterinary school at NC State. Before she arrived, she saw there was a puppy class at Northwoods Animal and wanted to be part of it. She loved teaching it so much that she studied with Sherri Dodson to learn the Start Them Right curriculum, eschewing plans for veterinary medicine to focus on working directly with pet owners. She joined Northwoods Animal as a veterinary teach and is now the practice manager. 
Sherri is passionate about filling the gap between training and behavior that so many families need to have a smooth transition into a family that includes a dog. 
When she’s not teaching, Sheri enjoys spending time with her husband and 2 boys and participating in anything that has to do with dogs.

What's included in
The Family Dog Class

Parents love us  

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...The format/structure of the class is accessible and straightforward, and the videos are engaging and informative. You can tell the Nurtured Nest team has put a lot of thought and care into creating the content for the class. Very grateful I took the time to complete this class before giving birth - it made a huge difference in my childbirth + postpartum experience!
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Before watching their Childbirth + Postpartum class, I felt VERY underprepared and a little terrified of labor and delivery. After finishing the course, I feel way more confident and now have an arsenal of tools to help with labor and delivery.
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...even though I'm not a new mom (currently pregnant with our 2nd child), I still learned lot of useful information that I didn't know before! Being a person that often googles information, there was also comfort in knowing that the info I got from the classes came from professionals that specialize in the topics covered. I love the vision and inspiration behind this organization, and that the classes are created by the experts...
Kathryn and her whole team are so incredible! Excellent communication, such good resources and high quality content. My family has truly benefited from this program. Thank you!
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