Mindfulness for Healthcare Workers

In our mini class made exclusively for healthcare workers you will be able to access audio, video, and even a digital download that will help you better understand mindfulness and how it can be a tool for relieving the day to day stresses of your demanding work.

Stream the audio in your car on the drive to or from work. Tune in via our app instead of scrolling social media. Take the time to learn about mindfulness and engage in simple strategies to help you feel your best.

What's included

It | Starts | With | You

That's a big load to carry! 

In an attempt to honor healthcare workers, Nurtured Nest created a class just for you. Our Mindfulness for Healthcare Workers class is created to help you find realistic ways to reduce stress in your unique working environment. 

Just like all classes from Nurtured Nest, you can access this class online or through our app (available in the Apple app store). Scroll below to see what's included.